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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gardenfors' book - a quote and can that be, surely not ...h2cm?

The title of Peter Gardenfors' book Conceptual Spaces is enough to switch the four lights on in this house. In chapter 1 the conclusion includes -

So what kind of theory is the theory of conceptual spaces? Is it an empirical, normative, computational, psychological, neuroscientific, or linguistic theory? The answer is that the theory of conceptual spaces is used in two ways in this book. On a general level, it is a framework for cognitive representations. .... On a more specific level, the framework of conceptual spaces can then be turned into empirically testable theories or constructive models by filling in specific dimensions with certain geometrical structures, specific measurement, specific connections to other empirical phenomena, and so forth. p.30.
Chapter 5: Semantics gives us figure 5.9 (p.173):

Spatial relations between some abstract lexemes


Here below is h2cm. I'll leave the explanatory connections to you:

intrapersonal sciencessociology politics

Since 1986 or thereabouts I've been teased by quadtrees, Voronoi tesselations, facet analytic theory, clustering methods et al. and set to believe there's something here that we can use....

On the website I started to explore some of the assumptions that underpin the structure and (what might contribute to) a theory of Hodges' model. The next 'paper' will assume that the reader is familiar with Hodges' model. The focus will be h2cm as a candidate conceptual space with Gardenfors' text as a key and initial source.

The domains, distances, dimensions, data# it's all there: bar the door....

Many thanks everyone for passing this way - we are now at 10,000+ visitors
#P.S. I'm actually not sure about the data - that is a real challenge.