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Sunday, June 29, 2008

H2CM: Some Reflections on Purposes

Of the purposes associated with h2cm:

  1. To produce a curriculum development tool.
  2. Help ensure holistic assessment and evaluation.
  3. To support reflective practice.
  4. To reduce the theory-practice gap.
(Source: Brian Hodges)

- the primary purpose must be to facilitate and support holistic practice. The reasoning for this runs (it is hoped) as follows:

Although reflection is often conducted with a particular task - frequently a question - and hence a set of associated experiences in mind; the individual should be encouraged to think universally. If in general reflection is constrained then perhaps the activity is no longer reflection?

If the curriculum developers intend to produce holistic practitioners* then once again holistic considerations should preempt and influence curriculum development.

Theory and practice are surely as 'holistic' as holistic is? This purpose though seeks to assist in closing the theory-practice gap and the existence of this gap suggests that there is something else – even if only space. This space means we must once again defer to holistic.

Or am I getting confused...? What do you think? h2cmng at yahoo.co.uk

*holistic in terms of the range of thought (holistic bandwidth) - not holistic new-age therapies.