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Friday, June 20, 2008

Note (blog post!) to Sir Michael Parkinson

Dear Sir Michael,

Many congratulations on your appointment as the National Dignity Ambassador on 20th May 2008. There's nothing like a bit of Northern grit and determination to spearhead the Government's drive to ensure that all older people using health and social care services are treated with dignity and respect.

I noticed the following conference being organised (prompting this post):


A Practical Guide to Improving
Dignity in Care on the Wards:
Moving Forward

Implementing the recommendations of the Healthcare Commission ‘Caring for Dignity’ report

Wednesday 1st October 2008
20 Cavendish Square, London

The subject for the e-mail I received read - 'Dignity on the Wards'.

Of course we all know that before dignity can put in an appearance on the wards, she needs to hitch a ride in the hearts and minds of all those who can make that real difference.

Like happiness, quality of life..., and its partner in care respect - dignity is a concept that can precariously be taken for granted, trampled upon, and is constantly the subject of academic - philosophical debate. It is often assumed that dignity is hard-wired into the essential humanity of the vast majority of us. Well your new role sadly reveals a truth.

Whether you still believe in the vocational view of nurse's devotion and attention to the -

REAL partners in care,
the real 'R&D' -
respect and dignity

Here's a tip - Hodges' model cun'elp jogt'memry of'sall...

Good luck lad!
Respectfully Yours!