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Monday, June 08, 2009

What wright to care?

At senior school I had the challenge and pleasure of appearing in Arthur Miller's The Crucible at the age of 15. My part was of course that of Francis Nurse. I can still remember most of my lines [as I didn't have many ;-)]. I have always been interested in drama, but even more so - dialogue, which helps as a member of this family and a mental health care professional.

Over several years, the above plus studies in literature and philosophy prompted me to dabble with dialogues of my own. One from way back when concerned nurse training and virtual environments; while another was set in Athens addressing the impact of informatics upon nursing.

The professionals of dialogue - playwrights - feature on BBC R4 Start The Week and this made me think of another dialogue as I recognised that my colleagues and I are in fact carewrights.

Now though with long term medical conditions, self-care, recovery, personalised care, individualised budgets and other policy permutations we are not just concerned with the words we say. With patients and carers seen and heard as experts no longer are we just putting words into their mouths - they are putting words in ours.

So together -
lets literally go taste the health and social care culture and break a leg!

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I note there are several instances of 'carewright' as a surname, trade / commercial name - my use and the context should be clear.