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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: Imagine a generation taking nothing for granted from the start

Blog Action Day 2009:

"Climate change" - these words spoken in so many different languages may be the first uttered by the World's infants over the next decade. It really could happen! If these words are the constant they need to be, on the lips of all parents, teachers, leaders and all who 'know'.

That would be no bad thing for the (near) future.

Just imagine:
a generation taking nothing for granted from the start.

People respond best to change they see. In particular change in their environment. We are hard-wired to react to change that represents a threat. We respond with flight or fight. On island Earth, this rock we share, the options are becoming ever more limited, limite, limit, limi. ...

In order to respond now, we must rely on several forms of vision. We must take into account not just ourselves, but as is often highlighted:

  • future generations, our legacy - their inheritance (SOCIOLOGY)
  • other individuals - our brothers and sisters - and their situation (INTERPERSONAL)
  • the evidence for climate change and solutions (SCIENCES)
  • those in power and their translation of the agenda for positive change (POLITICAL)
  • the effect of climate change on flora and flora (SCIENCE, SOCIOLOGY and POLITICAL)
  • the physical health impact (SCIENCES)
  • the emotional and mental health impact (INTERPERSONAL)
  • the changes needed in policy and political change succession (POLITICAL)
  • the ethical values that are shared and debated - consumerism (business at any price $1, £1, €1 .... stores), Deep Ecology (INTERPERSONAL & POLITICAL).
Things, especially human 'things' are never that straight forward. The impact of climate change is writ large in that last word - change. Perhaps in erecting the faces the lesson of Easter Island is environmental dominoes. For us of course this means that as the climate changes so does the environment. For some the change is quickly evident if you live by the ocean, tundra or mountainous glaciated regions.

Change happens on local, regional, national and international levels.

From the Earth observing satellites above, to survey vessels on the oceans, and the research stations in the Antarctic and Arctic vision is everything in hearts and minds paving the way for action in classrooms, homes and eco-prise. ...

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