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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where is Hodges' model in the curriculum?

While Hodges' model provides an overarching conceptual framework that can be used by all disciplines, its position within education needs to be discussed and debated. The existing notes briefly explain the theory and practical use of the model, but much more detail and justification is needed.

h2cm can undoubtedly inform specific lessons either theoretically, practically or both. Clearly, the model cannot carry a course of its own, but h2cm can certainly contribute to several concurrent courses. All disciplines engage in their respective assessment, intervention, evaluation and review activities and these can all be considered in a cross curricula manner. Reflection, creativity and innovation are additional aspects of student activities that might be informed by exposure to Hodges' model. The decades since the model's creation (in the 1980s) and statement of its original purposes, provoke new challenges that bring further opportunities. So Hodges' model can now also flex its axes in public and carer engagement and involvement, health promotion and informatics.

Traditionally several definitions and types of 'curriculum' have been identified:

The curriculum on paperi.e. the statement of purpose, aims, content, experiences, materials etc
The curriculum in actioni.e. the way in which the curriculum in paper is put into practice
The curriculum learners experiencei.e. what learners do, how they study, what they believe they should be doing etc
The hidden curriculumi.e. the behaviours, knowledge and performances that the learner infers to be important. [PMETB]

inflatable icebergIn highlighting h2cm's place above the model was positioned and fixed in lessons, courses and in cross curricular approaches. For all its overarching size and scope perhaps the model can also be fleet footed, informal and furtive?

I would suggest that Hodges' model also has a role to play in influencing the hidden curriculum?

What is curriculum? PMETB

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