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Monday, June 07, 2010

Clinical Informatics in the North West – the start of a new era!

This meeting is free and open to all, but please notify your intention to attend to: phil.paterson at bcs.org.uk
Please forward this email to colleagues who may be interested ...

Thursday, 1st July 2010, 6.15pm light buffet, 7pm talk
Clinical Informatics in the North West – the start of a new era!
Speakers: Dr Andrew Coley, Dr Asad Sadiq, Mr Bibhas Roy, Dr Sydney Schneidman, Dr Rhidian Bramley, Dr Amir Hannan
Organiser: BCS Health Northern
Venue: Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville Street, M1 3BB
Directions: www.manchesterconferencecentre.co.uk/location/

HICAT - a new approach by NHS Northwest – is this the start of a new era for Clinical Informatics in the region?

The HICAT are the Health Informatics Clinical Advisory Team at NHS North-West:

  • Dr Andrew Coley is the Senior Clinical Officer.
  • Dr Asad Sadiq is a consultant psychiatrist and Mental Health IT lead.
  • Mr Bibhas Roy is an orthopaedic surgeon and Secondary Care IT lead.
  • Dr Schneidman is an A&E consultant and Lorenzo clinical IT lead.
  • Dr Bramley is a consultant radiologist and Diagnostics IT lead.
  • Dr Hannan is a GP and the Primary Care IT lead.
We will describe the HICAT Mission Statement and the principles used to help deliver the next generation healthcare using IT to help deliver care. We will describe what we are doing for Clinical Informatics across the board in the North West and what impact we expect from the initiatives and efforts to have on clinical practice in the region, both short term and long. We will explain how our work will benefit patients. The speakers will be happy to discuss our plans and expectations with a knowledgeable audience and to take note of helpful feedback.

This talk should appeal to all with an interest in the use of Informatics by clinicians and the impact that can have on the quality and safety of patient care and the efficiency of services provided through the NHS.

Everyone welcome to attend this FREE event
but please notify your intention to attend to
phil.paterson at bcs.org.uk

If you have any queries on anything BCS related then please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, if you know of any IT events that would be of interest to fellow members, then please let me know.

Andrew Mohan,
BCS Manchester Branch.
Andrew_Mohan at bcs.org.uk

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