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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Care ecology

Webster’s dictionary defines ecology as:

".. the totality or pattern of relations between organisms and their environment."
In health and social care there are several environments:

  • cognitive
  • social
  • physical
  • political
  • [and spiritual]
In this sense then Hodges' model provides a much needed care ecology:

An ecology not only for* care (disposition?)

- but an ecology to* care (direction?).

That is as something to protect given its inherent inclusiveness, balance and holism - an ecology within which we can also check on the health of our values.

In being focused on life - as an ecology - the model can also encompass the end of life.

*Michael Serres writes on the role of prepositions:

Conner, S. (2008) Wherever: The Ecstasies of Michel Serres, Accessed 19 June 2010.

Jones, P. (2007) Language to Care, Accessed 19 June 2010.

Michael Serres: messengers - a Blog

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