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Friday, March 25, 2011

Drupal musings 20: Keswick and that basic site....

OK hands-up! While up in Keswick (Sun - Weds), yes I wasted time trying to get a parallax effect to work. A layered graphic effect that as was pointed out on Wednesday evening's standards>next: event at MadLab you can only see when you re-size the window.

Anyway on Tuesday I saw sense and adopted the theme - Danland. I looked at Framework as a starter theme. The large banner images included were unnecessary, reading the theme's handbook I noticed there is a subtheme without the pretty pictures. In the end I returned with the required "DJ" content (as in music) accessed via a four option menu that includes an enquiry form created using webform. So the first basic steps have been taken. I've been here before and must carry on. Some users need to be added, styling, test, backup and migrate, test, and to figure out hosting.

The sessions I attended at MadLab were really useful for this and the future h2cm project with talks on CSS3, web fonts, and adaptive layout (I was gutted as I had to leave and missed the last presentation).

In addition to some walking, on Tuesday I had a run by the river Greta - lovely. That shook out a few cobwebs. I also met the team at M&K Update who are based in Keswick. Over a coffee I was able to confirm in person the travel arrangements for May's event and a further presentation.

Now there are also just 30 pages left of From A to <A> Keywords of Markup, Bradley Dilger and Jeff Rice (editors) University of Minnesota Press so I can complete the book review. There are a couple of posts there too.

Off to London this weekend for the HEA Reflective Practice SIG meeting: Assessment, Evidence, and Critical Reflection : What are the issues? Are portfolios a panacea? 28/03/2011:
which includes Using Hodges Health Domains as a Portfolio Structure.

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