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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Musings... on 'local', 'global' and 'glocal'

Glocal is an index.
Glocal is the designator of change.
Glocal is the terminator, the divide between the local and global that is simultaneously inclusive and exclusive.
Glocal is penumbral.
Glocal is a convulsion of the internal and the external; near and far; micro and macro; past, present and future.
Glocal - tipping - presaged.
Glocal is all dichotomies all times.
Glocal is blunted affect (distributed (diluted (detached (emotion))))
Glocal is the leading – bleeding - edge of change:
The virtual bus: information
Glocal is conceptual triangulation.
Local is a place in code
You better know what is Global
Glocal is the school of the informatics and literacies.
Local to Global to Local is the road: Glocal is the road twisted;
1 Mobius Strip
2 Everywhere
Glocal = Biosphere and N.E.O.
Glocal is mobile – mobil - mobi - mob - mo - m -
Glocal is remembering all and remembering to forget.
Glocal is the transience of the fixed point (anchors aweigh, relative, displacement)
I am local.
You are local.
We are global.
Are refugees glocals?

Thoughts informing a paper ...


N.E.O. Near Earth Orbit (at least)

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