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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drupalcon London - Day 2 Tues. Dries's keynote & HTML5

The first day of Drupalcon London 'proper' is done and there is still so much to take in (but I am staying in the kitchen!). Dries' keynote reflected the current state of Drupal in contrast to the previous European gatherings which have really focussed on the next version. Last year that was only five months away. Dries did attend to Drupal 8, but maybe two years or so till release is a helpful breathing space.

In Drupal 8 attention is being given to specific scorecards and other strategies to manage core (gates) to assure quality and co-ordination. I'm pleased to see HTML5/CSS3 up there as a priority. Last week in .net magazine I read an article (p.104-108) by Jen Simmons on HTML5 in Drupal and some of the challenges in fully updating a Drupal 7 site to this latest standard.

There were many other great sessions. Already I've strayed from 'my' schedule posted previously. After speaking to people I must check Display Suite, and Entities - the latter which I attended. While there is still lots happening re. job and 'home' after four (European) Drupalcons it's high time for me to find some cheap yet cheerful hosting to experiment more meaningfully. I've a (very) basic Drupal 7 brochure and enquiry site, trying to finish and host that will finally bring HD to this experience for me. Anyway must go - another keynote 0900...

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