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Monday, August 22, 2011

Drupalcon London - Day 1 Education Open Space #drupalEdu

Today at Drupalcon London there was an Education Open Space organised by Mixel:



Amongst many discussions and points raised is the state of play of 'learning environments', LMSes, SCORM ..... and where / how Drupal might fit in?

In terms of engaging the wider education community this p.m. I suggested the Digital Humanities community as one who could benefit from Drupal's capabilities with media, extensibility and other positive qualities. This evening I received a message from Digital Humanities developer list about CMSes and Drupal 7. How timely! So this post is based on the flag waving there - already some very helpful replies inc. CMS course or content - and on http://www.digitalhumanities.org/humanist/.

Mention was also made of previous meetings outside of a Drupalcon and within (e.g. 2009). What can we learn from the organizers of other sessions? Of course at Drupalcon 'education' must compete for a slot with the other submissions.

mixel et al. are using #drupalEdu

The table I joined was on LMSes and other points. On one level I don't need an LMS, but on another I do. I need to manage the learning experience of users on a new Drupal driven website. Drupal offers a great many educational modules. Do I need SCORM? What is the latest on such standards? What needs to be in the h2cm learning core?

h2cm is an item on the [cross ;-) ] curriculum, it is not a curriculum. 

Mention was made of current and target knowledge and how we get from the one to the other. I also liked the mention of designing learning experiences. This is where (for me) h2cm comes in: in a care situation what is the current - target knowledge taken across the four* - care - knowledge domains? h2cm isn't vested in managing the administration of learning experience, but I believe it can play a positive role in facilitating reflection and the design of learning experiences.

I hope some momentum can be gained. Education is a massive edifice, but if interested parties can nudge and pass around #drupalEdu that's got to help?

* Five with the spiritual domain.

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