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Friday, October 28, 2011

CARDI conference ageing globally - ageing locally: Poster

The last poster I completed in June for the Health Literacy conference in Manchester was made up of four A4 pages. It was OK, but suffered next to the University produced presentations - maybe it was an imposter. So, I determined that the next would be a more professional A1 - A0 effort.

Thanks to George Kernohan - Prof. of Health Research in the Institute of Nursing Research at University of Ulster - next week's CARDI conference in Dublin will see this realised.

Nine A3 pages were produced in total (too many for insurance). The final 'composition' was not straight forward. George suggested Powerpoint and that clinched it after much aggravation. This will be easier next time! With a week to spare I forwarded the draft to George. As before I've tried to strike a balance between graphics and text. There are three diagrams of the model in total that hopefully capture some of the main conference themes:

Title, author details & acknowledgement
Introduction to Hodges' model with basic model graphic axes and domains
h2cm matrix including the 4P's and Global & Local aspects of ageing
h2cm matrix Glocal and notes, the future and bibliography

The overlap here is quite something: I believe that the 4,400 words on local, global and glocal now has some coherence and merit. The context for that 4K is community informatics. The poster has drawn on that draft and in turn a further paper on this theme but specifically addressing older adults, health care, nursing ... will take things further.

The conference is much more than the posters of course. There are some excellent sessions and speakers too. Apparently the poster has arrived across the Irish Sea and looks OK. The boarding passes are printed - Dublin next stop. I'll also find out what Guinness really tastes like and catch up with James Joyce on Friday.

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