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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The International Health Protection Initiative (IHPI) - Resolution Sign-up

The International Health Protection Initiative believes that health care MUST be protected during armed conflict.

The International Health Protection Initiative (IHPI) is a collective movement of individuals, organisations, institutions and charities (including non-Governmental Organisations-NGOs) who have agreed to help to lobby the United Nations to act to uphold the Geneva Conventions, especially as regards safe-guarding health facilities/equipment/transport, and workers.  The Resolution was agreed following a meeting of the International Child Health Group held in November 2010.
Your support is urgently needed for an international resolution to protect healthcare during armed conflict

The resolution will ultimately be submitted to the United Nations (General Assembly, Security Council, and World Health Organization).

In order to achieve the objectives outlined in the resolution, we need the majority of the world’s healthcare organisations, institutions, NGOs and civil society, especially those in conflict afflicted countries to sign up to this important resolution.

We know that you are aware of the urgent need to protect healthcare during armed conflict, that is, to uphold the Geneva Conventions and we would be most grateful for your support.

Once you have read the resolution we respectfully urge you to sign up to it online, as an individual, or preferably, on behalf of your government, institution, or medical organisation. We also encourage you to state your reasons for supporting this resolution in the appropriate box.

So please Sign up now!

Many thanks for your time and attention and we look forward to working with you to help make this life-saving resolution a reality

The IHPI Team

"War... is when some adults who don't know what good is and what love is, are throwing dangerous war toys which injure innocent people" 
Tamara aged 10 years during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovena.

My source: Prof. David Southall via HIFA2015

My thoughts upon signing up:
This resolution saddens me: that we should need it in the 21st century after millennia of human conflict.

The resolution is an essential course of action that I will help to publicize. Resources by way of legal enforcement, financial and personnel as declared in the resolution to protect basic human rights and health care provision must be assured and enforced globally. As per #5 the trend of pursuing those who commit crimes against humanity should be escalated as the means to record and furnish evidence also increases. This is imperative as a deterrent to those who supposedly 'lead' and those who invariably follow. In this sense 'education for all' is also crucial to help prevent indoctrination - with the additional health dividend that education affords.

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