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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A shoutout to University of Northumbria at Newcastle - and others!

Although school terms and university semesters vary especially between the northern and southern hemispheres, I can often tell when a new academic year is upon us again. Not only that, but possibly a new cohort of nursing or other health care related students.

The signal is the visitors to the old website. The past week or so there's been a lot of traffic from University of Northumbria at Newcastle. Only the institution is listed, not individuals. And don't get excited about the numbers: we are talking 10s here not 100s and 1000s.

Those tens (still greatly appreciated!) could be even more significant if I could connect with someone. So if you are revisiting this blog and from UoN or any other institution please get in touch: h2cmng at yahoo.co.uk

I would really help to hear your views on:

What prompted your visit?
Who are you - what's your role, course and stage of learning?
How are you using the site and model (if at all) is it:

  • as part of an exercise merely identifying models of nursing, aspects of nursing theory...?
  • as part of a piece of (reflective) written work?
  • applying the model to a specific context, case study, nursing (or other) discipline?
  • as a critical nursing or informatics exercise?
  • as an initial exercise to help assure holistic care?
  • some other discipline and purpose perhaps?
What would you expect to find, what is missing?
What is useful and should be archived?
What sucks!
Is there something that you could add to a future site?
Do you have work on h2cm that I could highlight here on W2tQ?

There are many rich seams to dig here and if we can work together we might find some light.

There is someone at UoN I will approach if they are still there: quite possibly!

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