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Monday, April 22, 2013

Jordanian Nursing Council 4th International Nursing Conference “The Tipping Point: Creative Solutions to Health and Nursing Challenges”

Well, I arrived in Amman for this conference at midnight and have not been this far east before. It is certainly different and there is much to look forward to.

I panicked slightly in Istanbul briefly reading the boarding time on my e-ticket as the flight time. So, I was looking for 1920, but the flight was 2020 and not yet displayed.

The hotel Le Meridien is excellent, my driver last night and the staff are very friendly. I was told on the 35 minute trip from airport to hotel that events nearby have impacted on tourism. People have had to seek other work as many tourist offices have closed. At breakfast it does give you pause to wonder about what is happening not all that far away.

I've not checked the conference venue yet. There's a reception this evening and workshops ongoing through today. I opted for:

Nicola McHugh, MSc, MA, RN
Understanding and Using Research in clinical Nursing Practice

In preparation we've been asked to read:

Seers, K. et al., (2008). A randomised controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of a single session of nurse administered massage for short term relief of chronic non-malignant pain. BMC Nursing, 7:10 doi:10.1186/1472-6955-7-10. http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6955/7/10

Two workshops are recorded - an approach to consider for the future - as with using Skype.

Although only two days long there are a great range of concurrent sessions, amongst them:
  • Differences in Perception Between Nurses and Patients Related to Patients’ Health Locus of Control Ayman M. Hamdan-Mansour
  • Fostering Global Citizenship in Nursing Education: The Role of the United Nations Mary E. Norton 
  • Aptitude Towards Nursing: Is it Measurable? Maxie Andrade 
  • Comparison of Structure, Process, and Outcomes of Healthcare Service Provision between Advanced Community Nurse Practitioner and General Nurse Practitioner Noppawan Piaseu
  • Development of a Multimedia Computer -Assisted Learning with Integrated Content of Anatomy and Physiology for Enhancing Nursing Students’ Skills on Physical Examination in Adult: Head and Neck Examination Chularuk Kaveevivitchai
  • Assessment of Nursing Students' of Azad Islamic University of Saveh' Perception about Importance of Caring Behaviors Based on Caring Model of Watson Lida Nikfarid
My presentation is tomorrow afternoon and on Wednesday I'm chairing a session.

More to follow on this and some reading ...

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