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Monday, April 15, 2013

HSJ: The NHS and fundamental change ...

 ... governments typically try to will the end but not the means: they try to shift the habits of the NHS while protecting buildings and people; or in Lord Darzi's pithy phrase, they change "the anatomy of the NHS rather than its physiology". p.16.

Finding the pith in Hodges' model (and the problem of refactoring - where would you like to start?):


cognitive geography
(the 'physiology' of mindsets)
Anatomy & Physiology
structure, buildings,geography
time, events, space
 (habituated - )
(collective purposes)
team integration

the NHS (organisation)
workforce, funding 
local, regional, national, global
group - population

Seddon, N. (2013) Opinion: Learning from international innovators, HSJ, 12 April. 123: 6346; 16-17.

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