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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Zero, One, Fifteen, (Thirty, Sixty...?)

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context: UK news media 15 minute carer visits to elderly clients

Reflecting on Social Care with Hodges' model
The one, self, me, a person. Carers: ethics (and common sense? when is 15 minutes of 'fame' enough?), demonstration of rapport, empathy, dignity, loneliness, independence. Carer stress. Job satisfaction. Staff knowledge and skills. Observation. Mental state. Mood. Choices - personal preferences. Personal - carer's values. Cognition - Re-cognition. Case review. Individualized care? Expressed concerns (wither...?) theory: task vs. person-centered care
mechanistic aspects of care, travel, geography, arrival, tasks, plan, recording, constraints - esp. time, practical problems encountered. Number of carers involved. Safety. Protective clothing. Seasonal factors. Evidence base? Best practice? Relapse rates? Telecare role? Physical mobility - movement. Systems, processes, logistics and scheduling. Degrees of freedom - flexibility. Data, information, datasets. Admissions - depth of data?
practice: task vs. person-centered care
Caring relationship building, trust - very personal - intimate care, subjective: time with someone I like / don't like? Relatives experience. Social care infrastructure - community centers. Ability to go out shopping with a carer. Media: BBC 2 Newsnight 7/10/13; The Times; C4 News. Social contact. Social mores (time?)
Policy, professionalism, recording, outcome measures. Agreement - care plan. Care reviews. Ban on 15 minute visits? Management. Standards. Supervision. Zero hour contracts. Pay and conditions. Staff turnover. Vulnerable adults. Personal development, training. Risk of organization's reputations being damaged. Corporate responsibility, values. 'Value for money'. New commissioning systems. Advocacy (position significant). Whistleblowing. 'Francis effect' increase in nursing posts. HSJ, 25 Oct 2013, p.6. 'Funded establishment'.

group - population

Discount the contract, you can then 'discount' the individual worker and the client.
Care Relationship = Care Transaction

Wikipedia: "15 minutes of fame"

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