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Thursday, February 26, 2015

H5P February release note (Drupal, TEL)

Here is an update on what H5P can offer. My interest lies in the Drupal module and this update includes news of:

experience API (Tin Can)

Now you may store more and more data about what your user is doing with the H5Ps you create. How many attempts did she use? What scores did she get? How much time did she spend? All of this is available now, and more statements will be added - when did she stop the video? What did she answer when? What slides has she seen?

H5P triggers javascript events every time a xAPI statement is generated. ...

You may also use the xAPI to adapt to what the user does in the H5P. For instance you may display more content on a completed event with full score. H5P uses xAPI internally for the adaptivity, in the question set and in the presentation content types.
H5P February 2015 release note

Additional link:
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