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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Navigating health and models: c/o HSJ

humanistic ------------------------------------------- mechanistic
Geisinger's Proven Health Navigator
communicate and share decision making
 patient - person focus
patient access to records
birthday cards, follow up
benefits, outcomes
purposes of integration
population management
data gathered and applied
preventive medicine
referral reduction to hospitals
early intervention
case management of complex and chronic diseases
a "medical neighbourhood" offering care in the most appropriate setting -
community care
health promotion
culture change1
Geisinger Health Systems (not for profit)
health insurance, budgets
care commissioning
values based reimbursement system
accountable, leadership
culture change2

My source:
Moore A. (2014) Show you can navigate integration, Health Service Journal, 28 November: 124, 6425, pp. 20-23.

"A wise person once explained to me that delivering integrated care successfully was 
"more sociological than technical"".
 Prof. Chris Ham, On 'bilingual' clinical leaders. p.22.

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