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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement

Dear Readers,

Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement is delighted to announce the publication of its latest issue at https://epress.lib.uts.edu.au/journals/index.php/ijcre. We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our website to review articles and items of interest.

Thanks for the continuing interest in our work,

Margaret Malone
Managing Editor, Gateways
Margaret.Malone AT uts.edu.au

Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement
Vol 9, No 1 (2016)
Table of Contents

Research articles (Refereed)

The journey and destination need to be intentional: Perceptions of success in community-academic research partnerships (1–21)
Robin Lindquist-Grantz, Lisa M Vaughn

Two steps forward, one step back: Achievements and limitations of university-community partnerships in addressing neighbourhood socioeconomic disadvantage (22–40)
Deborah Warr, Richard Williams

Caught up in power: Exploring discursive frictions in community research (41–57)
Cindy Hanson, Adeyemi Ogunade

Supporting communities of practice: A reflection on the benefits and challenges facing communities of practice for research and engagement in nursing (58–73)
Maretha De Waal, Oumiki Khumisi

'Culture' as HIV prevention: Indigenous youth speak up! (74–88)
Ciann Wilson, Vanessa Oliver, Sarah Flicker, Native Youth Sexual Health Network, Tracey Prentice, Randy Jackson, June Larkin, Jean-Paul Restoule, Claudia Mitchell

Engaging youth in post-disaster research: Lessons learned from a creative methods approach (89–112)
Lori Peek, Jennifer Tobin-Gurley, Robin S Cox, Leila Scannell, Sarah Fletcher, Cheryl Heykoop

Impact of international humanitarian service-learning on emerging adult social competence: A mixed-methods evaluation (113–131)
Paul Schvaneveldt, Todd Spencer

Practice-based articles (Non-refereed)

Unusual conversations: A reflection on the mechanics of internationally engaged public scholarship (132–144)
Jonathan Damiani

Fundamental researcher attributes: Reflections on ways to facilitate participation in Community Psychology doctoral dissertation research (145–158)
Renato M Liboro, Robb Travers

Innovating for skills enhancement in agricultural sciences in Africa: The centrality of field attachment programs (159–171)
Anthony Egeru, Paul Nampala, Henry Massa-Makuma, Moses Osiru, Adipala Ekwamu

Mobilizing Minds: Integrated knowledge translation and youth engagement in the development of mental health information resources (172–185)
Christine A Garinger, Kristin A Reynolds, John R Walker, Emma Firsten-Kaufman, Alicia S Raimundo, Pauline C Fogarty, Mark W Leonhart, Mobilizing Minds Research Group
Paul Ashton, Marilyn Krogh, Margaret Malone, Phil Nyden and Pauline O'Loughlin
Editorial Committee Gateways

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