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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Learning Health Systems (LHS) Call and 1st Issue

Learning Health Systems

Learning Health Systems (LHS) is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal published in collaboration with the University of Michigan. With a goal of advancing the interdisciplinary area of learning health systems, the journal promotes research, scholarship, and dialogue focused on theory, complex issues, conceptual syntheses, education models and more. LHS seeks to achieve continuous rapid improvement in health and healthcare and to transform organizational practice. The journal includes research reports, experience reports, briefs and commentaries.

Learning Health Systems is now accepting submissions for its first issue.

Reasons to publish:
  • Topics of international importance 
  • Immediately open access, freely available to read, download and share 
  • Distinguished editorial board 
  • High standard, rigorous peer review 
  • Quality and reputation, supported by the University of Michigan and Wiley 
  • Authors retain copyright 
  • Compliance with institutional and funder mandates

My source:
Kathleen Young via GANM:  http://knowledge-gateway.org/ganm/