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Saturday, April 29, 2017

What does improving population health really mean? c/o The King's Fund

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic
Individual as a Person#
Individual Lifestyle Choices

Mental Health

NHS AND Social Services*?

Motivation - PURPOSE

Unhealthy behaviours

Health Coaches

Local plans

Individual as a Person - 
Age, Sex, constitutional factors
Individual Lifestyle Choices

New Care Models* (and PROCESSES)

Pop. Health = Aggregated Data

Environmental conditions
(Does the colour of Gov matter?)

Public Mental Health

Health Care Demand in the community

 Living and Work Conditions
"Population health means the health outcomes of a defined group of people, as well as the distribution of health outcomes within the group."
Social and Community Networks

Social Care PRACTICE

Education (informal)

General Cultural and Socio-

NHS POLICY<-> Population Health

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs)

"... health equity – the avoidable differences in health between different parts of the population – is a core part of understanding population health."
Education (formal)
Health Care Services
Water and Sanitation
Agriculture and Food Production

"In United States - Pop. Health
defines aims of health system"


-Economic Conditions

Within Hodges' model the * items are automatically included in all four care domains (five with the Spiritual), for reasons of brevity and presentation they are included in what I consider their primary contextual domain.

Individual as a Person# in the Sociological and Political Domains in a group context (From: Dyad ... To: Current Human Population).

My source: Twitter @TheKingsFund