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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Top 4 Branding Tips: "Between MIND and BODY lies the soup"


Full of holistic & integrated goodness
Colouring agents & agency guaranteed
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humanistic ----------------------------------------- mechanistic

You would like some soup.

We should start here.
[For as the ancients recognised:
"In-between MIND and BODY lies the soup."]

As we can (and do) debate exactly 'where' and 'when' action begins.

Do you know you're hungry?
Do you know you want soup?
Do you know where it is?
Did you buy some three days ago?

If you don't, do know how to make this happen?
Can you ask someone for help if needed?
Do you know where the kitchen is?
Is your kitchen, one that you can walk in
(also known as your's),
 or is it one of those "off-limits" designs
(see below right)?

Like many of the things we take for granted
Soup IS Knowledge

There you are! In the kitchen.
You are aok opening the can, carton.
Home-made excellent!
[And the bread! Wo!]

Can you reach for and open things?
Grip, twisting it is quite an operation -
fingers, hands, wrists, balance.

We don't want you to spin around do we?
Most have a opener of some sort,
maybe a drawer or a rack full.
Perhaps something to sit - perch on would help?

Can you read the instructions?
tiny print and poor eyesight

What about Imperial and Metric?

Take care with that can?
Safety first, cooker, gas...?
Are you up to date with Tetanus jabs?

Where's the plasters?
1st Aid Kit.
"Is there a Dr in the house! :-/ "
Quick - grab the ice!

How does the soup taste?
Yes it is  subjective ... but...

Are you on a big hike?
If so, it's the best soup you ever had?

Somehow it tastes better in company.
 Like its constituents soup is best crowdsourced.

Here is the place
and down the agees
 that the crowd (family-friends)
together with home-made
are ingredients made for each other.

Ah! They're here.
My Carer = company + soup ...

Thanks Stan your soup was delicious!

Whether a kitchen,
outside oven,
or camp fire this place is a powerful place.

Powerful too are foodbanks and soup kitchens.

Oh dear.
Yet another new carer = lost time
'dear' indeed.

Are those vegetables ok?
What's the BBE - Expiry?

Is there an Occupational Therapist in the team? What about a Physio, or do we have to refer on?

Who controls the labelling
on this product anyway?

"Kitchen - Catering

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