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Saturday, March 09, 2019

ii) A map as well as an app...? - c/o John Kulvicki

"Maps are picture-language hybrids." p.149.

"The features covering maps are like lexemes of a language that play a predicative role." p.149.

"Maps are pictorial in their use of space." p.149.

"Maps, pictures, and diagrams differ from language not in whether
they make use of predication, but in the way they organize predicates.
In maps, predicates are introduced holistically, in groups, as degrees of
freedom to which any location on a map must commit.
This proposal constitutes a different way of understanding the
coarse-grained distinction between maps, pictures, and diagrams
on the one hand, and linguistic representations on the other." p.150.

"In maps, failing to indicate the presence of something—a town, a river, a road, or an island—is tantamount to indicating its absence." p.150.

Kulvicki, John, Maps, Pictures, and Predication, Ergo, Volume 2, No. 07, 2015