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Friday, May 03, 2019

12th Networked Learning Conference 2020 18-20th May - Denmark

18-20th May, 2020 in Kolding, Denmark

A research-based conference on networked learning in higher education, lifelong learning & professional development

The 2020 conference is the twelfth international networked learning conference.

Since 1998 the biennial Networked Learning Conference has been an opportunity to participate in a forum for the critical examination and analysis of research in networked learning – particularly in Higher Education and lifelong learning. Networked learning has become a broader area of inquiry over the years bringing together research in education and organisations spanning formal and informal learning settings. It is a conference that has been particularly concerned with critical perspectives, theory, pedagogical values, analysis, practice based research and designs for learning. The focus of the conference has been research and practice that addresses relational and interactional aspects of learning and development with an emphasis on dialogical learning, collaborative and cooperative learning and learning in social networks.

The conference will be held at on the 18th, 19th and 20th May, 2020, at University of Southern Denmark in Kolding, and the local organisers are all from the University of Southern Denmark.


[ I greatly enjoyed attending in 2016 at Lancaster, UK. ]