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Thursday, May 09, 2019

8 Dimensions of Wellness: c/o SAMHSA

The following image the 8 dimensions of wellness was gleaned from the tweet also copied below (media removed). To illustrate the potential scope and application of Hodges' model I have mapped these dimensions to Hodges' model:

8 dimensions of wellness SAMHSA

SELF - individual
humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic








I would place 'Spiritual' outside of the model. This is not an afterthought. The dimensions that are placed within a care (knowledge) domain, this is not to say that there is no overlap. There very clearly is.

As for the 'spiritual' it is outside the 'concrete' structure of the model for the following reasons:

Being outside the basic form of Hodges' model speaks to the universal, subjective-objective, existential, timeless and ethereal qualities that are allied with the 'spiritual'.

SCIENCES: Can the spiritual be proven by science? How often do we experience the spiritual in nature? (I don't know about you but put under the stars and I become a philosopher.) Is the Earth 'alive' in a sense, as in Gaia? Do we imbue Nature with its real value? Being outdoors, in the green literally is currently being emphasised as essential for our mental health.

SOCIAL: Our respective upbringing, culture and social background greatly influences how we individually make sense of the 'spiritual'. Religious beliefs and practices are central to social activities, communities and ethnic groups. As an example of the aforementioned overlap, our social attitudes to ourselves, others with different beliefs are shaped by our social environment.

Central to Hodges' model are the life experiences - within which you will find the health career* - that are shaped by this domain.
INTRA- INTERPERSONAL: What we believe and our motivations are grounded in a person's intellect and emotional state. In this sense an individual can be vulnerable, but an individual's receptiveness to belief and learning can also provide opportunity for recovery as in SAMHSA's

POLITICAL: Whether or not they cite religious doctrine, there are many speeches by true, as in, inspirational, peace-loving, humanistic, environmental rights-led leaders that are experienced in a spiritual manner. It is in this domain that power is exercised and with this the right and freedom to find and practice individual spiritual meaning.
A final thought regards the Spiritual and Hodges' model is that the above also represents the many uncertainties, the incredible mystery and gift of life.

*Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model

My source with thanks: