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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

The Fourth Quadrant - Johnson (2010)

For anyone who has read Steven Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From, you might appreciate that for me it was a case of take-two from the previous post 'The adjacent possible'. How could I not include the chapter "The Fourth Quadrant" especially as the book's 'Conclusion'?

If title was one take, the other was "Oh! How does this relate to h2cm?" After reading and reflecting things fell into place. Johnson wants to represent the history of innovation (no less) using roughly two hundred of the most important innovations and scientific breakthroughs from the past six hundred years, starting with Gutenberg's press, Einstein's theory of relativity, the invention of air conditioning through to the birth of world wide web (pp.218-219).

There are three figures in the chapter spanning 1400-1600; 1600-1800; 1800-present. Johnson's diagram for 1800-present (p.229) is in-part 'mapped' to Hodges' model below.

A few insights into my reasoning. In the Interpersonal domain I am emphasising an individual's primary (and original) motivation for their work and what follows. In the sciences - here PROCESSES are central. As with all models this is an idealisation, so there is a lot of overlap.

humanistic / non-market ------------------------------- mechanistic / market

3. Non-Market/Individual

Not devised for fiscal gain, individually devised .. amateur scientist, or hobbyist.

Spectroscope           Hormones
Bunsen Burner             E - mc2
Rechargable Battery      Special Relativity
Nitroglycerine        Earth's Core
Cell Nucleus          World Wide Web
Stethescope         CT Scan

1. Market/Individual

Devised for fiscal gain, individually devised i.e. Air Conditioner

Mason Jar
Tesla Coil
Gatling Gun
Vulcanized Rubber

Programmable Computer

4. Non-Market/Network

Not devised for fiscal gain, collectively devised.
Open source envirnoment or academia.

Braille      Periodic Table     RNA Splicing
Chloroform        EKG    Aspirin
Cell Division    Global Warming
Benzene Structure        Continental Drift
Hereditary       Superconductors

2. Market/Network

Devised for fiscal gain, collectively devised, multiple firms interact

Airplane    Lightbulb    Steel   Automobile
Induction Motor      Radio 

Contact Lenses    Welding Machine
Moving Assembly Line   Motion Picture Camera
Locomotive     Vacuum Cleaner
Electric Motor     Washing machine
Refrigerator      Vacuum Tube
Telegraph      Helicopter

Johnson, Steven (2010) Where Good Ideas Come From, London: Allen Lane.