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Friday, February 14, 2020

'Desk-topping' i [ c/o BBC Radio 4 today 5 Feb. ]

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Definition #1 below is as obvious as it is brief. A desk might be topped with various things, so-called executive toys (still?), personal affects, or company related branding.
It may have the proverbial in-tray, out-tray (paper still lingers?). The desk may be clear, or cluttered as a workspace. It will be the home of technology, it's PC - desktop - namesake, that shares the floor nearby, wired the sign of connectedness and energy.


To have 'papers' on the desk, might be to denote action of some sort, but how long are those 'papers' held for?
The subjects of the issue at hand could be experiencing a protracted delay. The desktop in this case exemplifies not just bureaucracy, but obfuscation.

desk·top (dĕsk′tŏp′)
1. The top of a desk.
2. Computers
a. The area of a display screen where images, windows, icons and other graphical items appear.
b. A computer that is designed to be used at a desk or table and is not easily moved, in contrast to a laptop or other portable device. Also called desktop computer.


My source:
BBC Radio 4 Today 5 February- discussion regarding historical child abuse in the Church.

Desk-topping or desktopping?