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Sunday, September 09, 2007

[100th post] Care Programme Approach & Drupal NW England 10 Oct 7-9 pm Preston

With 29 posts in 2006 (from April) + 70 posts this year makes this the 100th post. Is there another 100....?

Working in mental health - policy, practice, professionalism are never far from problems. Problems that in the most extreme form can result in suicide and homicide. The costs associated with inquiries recently made the (journal) news here in the UK; despite the financial input (£80M) subsequent change is apparently very slow in mental health services if it happens at all.

Through autumn:spring in a couple of posts I'll reflect on CPA with reference to Hodges' model and informatics. The magic wands will be found elsewhere; possibly when the results of a CPA review and consultation are published in November...?

I notice the CPA Association website is powered by Drupal....
(updated link)

DRUPAL NW England user group
The 1st Drupal User Group NW England meeting will take place:

Date: Wednesday 10th October 2007
Time: 7pm to 9.30pm
Location: MOKA Cafe Bar (probably upstairs), Preston
Website: http://www.moka-restaurant.com
Every: 2nd Wednesday of the month.

The details are on the DRUPAL UK website.

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