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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Records I: Idealism, Comprehensiveness and who's that behind the tree?

[Opening thoughts: Even in the 21st C. idealism peppers more than philosophy; influencing education, professionalism (in all fields) and much more. The comprehensive ideal is not just the preserve of education; it is spread widely...]

Where does idealism lie in records?

If you are a health or social care student reading this, then (hopefully) a good dose of idealism (plus your bursary and future prospects!) drives you on. This idealism, transformed into motivation, helps to ensure that your written efforts - both course work and clinical notes - are worthy of earning the ticks-in-boxes and your mentor's signature. These in turn reflect your aspirations as a professional and all that entails.

Your clinical records and theoretical accounts of care (assignments, case studies...) must also play the role of a bridge facilitating travel between practice and theory. Your idealism makes you a runner, an athlete of the gaps. As a student you are still learning how to navigate the QUAD. What is this 'space'? What corners can you cut? No, first let's cover the corners that must remain forever 90 degrees! As a student - and a lifelong learner - you help question existing practice.

As soon as we first pick up those crayons we realise that comprehensiveness is readily applied as a measure for many processes in which '100%' becomes or is associated with the ideal. The usual association calls upon comprehensiveness as a property of information - as are validity, accuracy, timeliness and others. Records and information do not sit still. They are full of energy. True, when the archivist gets hold of them that energy may be potential rather than kinetic, but in use they are multicontextual and travel takes time. Perhaps, this is how - as our records (and information) travel hither and thither - comprehensiveness sticks out its big foot and trips the unwary traveller. As all learners negotiate the QUAD, they need guidance, support and protection. The QUAD really is a learner's paradise, but there are dangers out there amongst the sun-dappled trees....

Keep your (socio-technical) eyes open, because sometimes when you least expect it comprehensiveness teams up with idealism AND policy to create conceptual (if not practical) mayhem. Tree of knowledge - yes sure - but keep an eye on the fauna.
More to follow...

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