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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ICMCC Event: Patient Empowerment - The Power of Information

ICMCC Event 2008: Patient Empowerment - The Power of Information

The 5th ICMCC Event will be organised from June 9-11, 2008, at University of Westminster, London. It is sponsored by The BCS Sociotechnical Group.

 For its fifth annual event, ICMCC will focus on the power of information. Information is both the result of data put to use and, once combined with experience, the basis of knowledge. If used properly it can empower patients, both actively and passively. Information is one of the primordial aspects of medical and care compunetics, the field of social, societal and ethical aspects of computing and networking.

Using knowledge to create knowledge is the major concept of the emerging knowledge society. This way, knowledge becomes sustainable and a tool to realize the millennium goals. But to achieve this in the most effective way, we will have to make inventories of knowledge. Knowledge is derived from the synthesis between information and experience.

ICMCC is becoming the global guiding platform in bringing information and experience related to medical and care compunetics together, thus creating the necessary inventories of knowledge. As we are aiming at both the patient/citizen and the professional we also target and facilitate the shifting relationship between the two.

The ICMCC (International Council on Medical & Care Compunetics) is an international foundation operating as the knowledge centre for medical and care compunetics, making information on medicine and care available to patients using compunetics as well as distributing information on the use of compunetics in medicine and care to patients and professionals.

Medical and Care Compunetics is the field concerned with the social, societal and ethical implications and applications of ICT in health and care (COMPUting & Networking, its EThICs and Social/societal implications).