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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

h2cm: Google search results meta tags

A visitor to the website today ("hello Miami") arrived c/o Google. While I contemplate the task of content revision, one thing that seems to work are the meta tags on all the pages. I'm sure more data could be added, but it is good to see that Google is picking out and listing individual pages:

As you may have noticed, I've finally taken the advertising plunge. In the side bar 'Support W2tQ' there are three book links thanks to Packt Publishing. There isn't going to be a radical change in the overall 'tone' of this blog and site, but if there are any would-be advertisers reading this - please consider joining what will ultimately be a select band. It would be nice to have some funds to offset future costs after the past decade and to help towards covering a further conference venture. Funds would also help towards some specific training in Drupal, Ruby...
Enjoy the arc that is mid-week.