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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Personal PC timeline - What's Your Footprint?

Like many IT enthusiasts my interest goes back a long way. Trying to pin this down though is quite difficult. Back in the late 1970s I bought every copy of a magazine - OMNI - that mixed technology, science and science fiction. At school some of my friends did computing, visiting the nearby technical college. I missed the boat on that occasion.

Then in OMNI they started to advertise the Sinclair ZX80 and in Nursing Times there was a computers in nursing supplement, it was called CINNEWS I think. There were no doubt other influences, but I decided to wait for the ZX81 before jumping on-board.

After the ZX81 3.25 MHz 1K of RAM (added 16K RAM pack) it goes as follows:

The Evesham PC was 6 years old last November. It's still going strong, though would benefit from a major sort out and its days are numbered as the main machine.

The latest purchase is an Asus Eee PC. Although we are still getting acquainted, I really like this little piece of kit. It seems I've done a Palin and gone full-circle.

I hope so - because back in 1981 BASIC and programming really took hold for a couple of years at least before the family came along and now the youngest is 14 - how time and technology flies....

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