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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mindsets and Desksets

Trying to pick up the programming handle again (literally in the case of Ruby) has reminded me that it isn't just a matter of mindset, an effective working environment is essential too. At work I noticed how the systems developers frequently use two monitors. The penny has dropped recently as I've realised; on the old BBC micro I actually used two monitors, one of them was a 12inch Philips mono that was really clear for all its limited palette. The other screen was a Grundig portable TV. The BBC micro was brilliant with its varied graphic modes including teletext. Funny that trying to identify what graphic mode you needed to achieve the learning (program) objective, which in turn affected the amount of RAM. Happy virtual juggling times.

Watching the display technology evolve at the Which Computer Show in Birmingham, I could never afford a Microvitek proper jobbie. Now though if I feel given some 'progress' I can justify another monitor and reconfig the desk space - then change will follow.

As for mindsets it was in the 1980s that I last painted in oils - the cottage in Padstow, Cornwall.
I wonder...?

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