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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hodges' domains and the 'audience'

In Tuesday's post on the NHS health library services four key purposes cited in the report were listed:

1. Clinical decision making by patients, their carers as appropriate, and health professional
2. Commissioning decision and health policy making
3. Research
4. Lifelong learning by health professionals.

It is very encouraging to see that my assumptions about the scope of Hodges' model can be identified elsewhere. This is clearly the case with the four key purposes above and the four introductory pages (see the images on the home page) to Hodges' model - listed as follows:

library purpose -|- h2cm audience -|- h2cm knowledge (care) DOMAIN

patients, carers (person-centred) -|- Individuals -|- INTRAPERSONAL
commissioning ... policy making -|- Policy makers, Managers -|- POLITICAL
research -|- Students, Researchers, Lifelong learners -|- SCIENCES
health profs as lifelong learners -|- Society, Public, Learning culture# -|- SOCIOLOGY

# The SOCIO- in socio-technical

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