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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hodges' model and care domain dependencies

Analysis and Synthesis: pretty powerful tools.

Looking at Hodges' model the other day I've thought of the model as a foundation upon which learners and experts alike can build. Looking at the model afresh I've realised that (whatever we all may or may not believe) outside of the model there is the 5th spiritual domain. After this and for some people because of this 5th domain time, energy, matter and love came into being.

So now to Hodges' model itself: we could not have health, social AND pastoral care systems if it were not for the SOCIAL and POLITICAL domains. These two group domains underpin and support the individual domains. There has always been talk of the golden age. These two domains provide the scaffolding for our lives and we would do well to remember this in these burnt umber times.

Reading Michel Serres and other authors you realise that the SCIENCE and intra-INTERPERSONAL care domains depend on the continued support and sustenance of the SOCIAL contract and the POLITICAL contract. I have not written 'social AND political contracts' purposefully as this suggests far greater similarity than I can argue for.

As we look and consider the relationships at work, what else can you see?

Well, we can see the distance between our collective understanding of science AND the distance between many individuals and the political process. Depicted in this way the fragility of things so often taken for granted - research, health care, individual choice, technologically enhanced and aspirational life styles becomes starkly apparent. The things that are granted do rely on contracts. Now though these two contracts themselves depend on the formulation and enactment of a natural contract between the Earth and its inhabitants (Serres, 1990).

Serres, M. The Natural Contract, trans. Elizabeth MacArthur and William Paulson, University of Michigan Press; 1995.