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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Listening and Seeing: The Next Generation

On the latest Sky At Night Sir Patrick Moore brought the most welcome news that Jodrell Bank is not to close due to a recent science funding cock-up. This is a great relief as in addition to seeing - we need to listen too. The Hubble Space Telescope will have its final servicing mission in August:

This will prolong the life of Hubble a true wonder with the images it has sent home to Earth and a fitting last flight for Space Shuttle Atlantis.

As we look forward even further to the Next Generation Telescope now called the James Webb Space Telescope astronomy is not only cool but it's hot and heavy too. Here is a discipline that ensures it samples all the available data streams open to it in order to test, verify, learn and progress. Out on the leading edge of astronomical data windows such as gravity waves, it is a case of discovering just how to listen and see. Diagnostic medicine benefits enormously from existing and new ways to investigate anatomy, physiology and pathological processes.

Astronomers need dishes the size of Jodrell Bank and bigger - such as Arecibo and arrays. People come equipped with telescopes and dishes of their own. As multidisciplinary (multi-eared) research teams develop proposals to take advantage of major initiatives such as the Towards Next-Generation Healthcare programme, let's hope the young stars are able to listen to and connect with the older stars.

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