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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Drupal tinkering - Salamander's in the sand

I keep thinking of drawing a line in the sand as to when the new Drupal site will go live, but then a curious clucking sound takes over and my arms flap uselessly at my sides. The image below is a screenshot using the Salamander theme for Drupal 6.2. As you can see I have not altered the themes default logo, or the colour scheme; but I'm starting to find my way around the menus at last.

I've started to add other users and as you can see have created a forum with topics and posts. The rail ticket image is neither transparent, nor exactly territorial in disposition. It should be possible to set a default vertical and horizontal spacing for images in the archived content. There is another choice to be made in which drop capitals format to adopt. Having read through jQuery in Action, it is time to revisit the book and really experiment.

Assuming there is a community out there - a series of forums on Hodges' model must be at the heart of the new site, but this begs the question of what tools would a community of Hodges' model users need? Drupal's content types can be extended, but how much effort (if any) should go into such resources? Should they be ready-rolled, or should the community identify the need, specify the requirements and produce the goods? Can an MSWord.doc h2cm template provide a start, or is a more adventurous seed required?

So far several people have used the model for their studies or in specific clinical areas. It makes sense then to try to produce a content type that can be configured by the user for these purposes. It makes even better sense to invite registered users to post their contributions. While I continue to piece the new site together, I must investigate the available Drupal modules and Open-EHR. I had heard of 'Open-air' before in passing and last week at Harrogate learned of it in more detail. I wonder what form and scope the archetypes take? Open-EHR may be far too sophisticated for our purposes, but now is a good time to check.