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Thursday, April 17, 2008

HC2008: Just how did I get out of bed this morning..?

... because I could do with finding out to share with you all.

When I got to work and opened my inbox there was an informatics newsletter c/o Sharon Levy Informatics Advisor at the RCN. Included was an urgent notice about funding to attend Healthcare Computing in Harrogate: HC2008. Well - to cut a long story short I'm now registered to attend next Mon-Weds thanks to the Royal College of Nursing Informatics Group. I have not had time to sort study leave, so it may cost me three days holidays but this would be well worth it. I'll be taking notes as there's a report to write. As ever I'm really looking forward to this demanding mix of conference/exhibition and people-contacts. Friday midday is the deadline for registrations. As I've mentioned here before there is also a bursary scheme, so do check for 2009.

Having tested things in Edinburgh I'll try and post to W2tQ. Must also remember the power cord for the Eee PC this time. That's why the 'live' Edinburgh post was so short, compared with the second on Scotland On Rails.

On the Drupal front - I'm up to page 220 of Mercer's Drupal 6 book and have started to write the review. It is worth buying! I think the penny has nearly dropped regards menus. Currently reading about the CCK - the Content Construction Kit. Next Thursday is the Drupal meeting in Manchester which I also plan to attend. I'm itching to get back to NetBeans and Ruby&Rails, but things take their time hereabouts with pleasant surprises along the way....

Take care. Bye for now.

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