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Monday, April 07, 2008

'A' is for Pippa and thoughts from Bill in Australia

Pippa Crouch has been in touch to update me on her course assignment which was awarded an 'A'. This is great news Pippa - many congratulations!

Regular readers may recall that Pippa, an Occupational Health Nurse Advisor at East Grinstead Hospital, in South East England came across Hodges' model in the new year and found that the model suddenly fell into place for her. Pippa used Hodges' model in a paper studying for her Occupational Health degree.

I'd be pleased to provide some support for people who are interested in using Hodges' model in essays, case studies, posters....

In January I also exchanged a few e-mails with Bill Moloney a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Australia. Here are Bill's thoughts:

Hi Peter,
I am not an academic and respond as a clinician. I endorse your description of this work as a "resource" rather than a nursing model. It provides a wonderful inspirational matrix.

In the context of mental health care delivery it compliments any effort to provide for expansive, inclusive and least restrictive models of care. It certainly supports my opinion that the variables that impinge on the mental health of a community are various and multifaceted and cannot be provided for by any one "stand alone" mental health service. That mental health care is an all of community issue and required are strategies that include collaborative arrangements with services and agencies that influence the mental health of a community in an "All of Community" paradigm. Peter happy new year to you and yours, cheers, Bill
Bill Moloney
Clinical Nurse Consultant,
Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry
AAMHT, WSAHS (west )
Ph : (02) 9881 8888
PO Box 6010
Blacktown, N.S.W.
Thanks Bill and to Pippa for your interest.

One day I would love to travel to Australia, New Zealand or South Africa to see the night sky and of course visit these marvellous nations and the peoples. Amazing gardens too judging from Monty Don's recent travels.