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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Basic Nursing Care @ the X-roads?

Basic nursing care:

It sounds straight forward enough doesn't it?

And yet according to news today here in the UK (The Independent) some nurses it seems fail to deliver safe, effective and efficient care of the required standard. This sorry news was reported by The Patients Association. The cases cited are upsetting and represent the care and behaviour of a minority of nurses, although there was a debate as to the 'true' numbers the report findings may represent.

The worrying point here though is this highlights not just a lack of basic nursing skills and knowledge, but a blatant disregard for the needs of vulnerable individuals and a sense of humanity. Even with NVQ's in the UK and equivalent programmes elsewhere when it comes to high standards of care we can take nothing for granted.

A commentator on the radio asked if the nursing profession is at a crossroads?
It is.
This crossroads is also a target that nursing must hit -
not most of the time -
but every time and for every person.

In truth of course, all professionals should constantly find themselves at the crossroads.

So, where next for nursing and who has the map?

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