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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

NHS fundamentals: a conference + some fundamental thoughts...

I received notice from the Health Service Journal of the following conference:

HSJ conference logoFundamentals of the NHS

Get up to date with the latest changes in NHS structure, policy and reform

25th November 2009

Does the rapidly changing world of the NHS leave you feeling overwhelmed? Do you need a solid introduction or an up-to-the-minute refresher to firmly underpin your understanding of all the recent policy changes, reforms and agendas?

Whether new to the world of the NHS or simply in need of clarification over recent advancements - this essential Health Service Journal learning forum provides a whistle-stop tour of where the NHS is now and where it is heading in the future. ...


The HSJ's NHS focus is clear just from the snippet above.

As to the 'fundamental' in health care, well, I still wonder how (since August 1977*) with all this talk of:
  • multidisciplinary care
  • integrated care
  • continuity of care
  • holistic care
  • individualised care
- there is still NO fundamental model, NO universal conceptual framework applicable for the whole of health and social care. Yes, there is the nursing process, CPA (Care Programme Approach), SAP (Single Assessment Process), CAF (Common Assessment Framework). ... We have and benefit from - it must be said - the NHS Core Values, Patient Charters. ...

But where is the conceptual primer, the underlying substrate that can be applied implicitly or explicitly, whatever a person's age, discipline, ethnicity, beliefs, employment, financial means, legal status, location. ...?

More than ever we need a model that is not just the preserve of nurses and their colleagues, we need a conceptual tool that is part of education programs world wide: helping to preserve individual, family and community in health and well-being.

Conceptual models are so abstract. Strange then that a model - simple, basic, underlying, fundamental - is needed that is much more substantial than a chapter in a book, or paper in a journal.

This conference is in Manchester.

Manchester - where Hodges' model was first taught.

For the sake of future health - a universal model should be one of the fundamentals:
our tools
and values
should indeed deliver
right on the doorstep.

* As a Nursing Assistant awaiting entry to Warrington School of Nursing, Winwick Hospital.

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