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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Can YOU add to the H2CM bibliography (now listed on W2tQ)...?

Peter Jones June 2009For readers not already aware, yesterday I started adding a bibliography to the blog. It is listed in the side-bar.

Links are included if applicable and these have been checked. I can supply electronic copies of most of these papers if you wish.

There are two publishing projects in process that are closely related to each other, covering substance misuse and forensic nursing.

On the forensic nursing front just over a week ago I met and greatly enjoyed speaking with -

Dr Michael Doyle
Nurse Consultant, Professional Lead & Honorary Research Fellow
Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
Edenfield Centre
M25 3BL

Apparently, Hodges' model is used and has quite a history at the Edenfield Centre. So Mike and I are working on a paper we will submit to a journal before the end of the year. More on this to follow.

In the hope that Erdos-Bacon Numbers might work for me, if anyone reading this has contact with community mental health nurses in the Isle of Man please get in touch. I understand they have used the model in the past.

Finally, should you be interested in applying Hodges' model in your nursing, social care, education or informatics theory / practice, do let me know h2cmuk @ yahoo.co.uk. I would be pleased to provide some paper - electronic resources and advice as needed.

August! Great Drupalcon soon!

Best regards everyone,

Peter J. (and yes that is me up there)

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