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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Drupalcon Paris 2009 "big picture..." x 5 "holistic..." x 6

Today at Drupalcon my keyword count by the speakers of day 3 sessions I was privy to (assuming I was awake throughout) is something like:

"big picture" = 5
"holistic (+ or - thinking)" = 6

These were stressed repeatedly especially by keynote speaker Chris Heuer. Like last year in Hungary I have looked at the BOF (birds of a feather) board and wondered about sticking Hodges 'framework' up there. Why 'framework' and not 'model'? Well framework, product and service are amongst the other keywords at Drupalcons past, present and future no doubt.

Hodges' model is a framework to carry, represent and disseminate big pictures.

While it is very encouraging to me to hear these terms I get the impression this is window dressing. At the end of the day the 'big picture' is the paper around the fish and chips. Its value is quickly spent - especially in this most apparent recycled mode. Chris Heuer alluded to this in his very interesting talk.

There is more to see in the big picture than what seems to be there.

This is why Hodges' model is so readily passed over for its simplicity.

When we gather the constituent parts of the big picture they are invariably 'recycled materials'.

The converted can see the re-purposed value, the need to re-visit the frame and tinker with the contrast, horizon(s), sky and colour; but critically do those who really need to create, see and utilise the resource?

The thing about 'big pictures' is
they are not enoug
h in themselves,
it depends not only on how you fold them,
but on how hard you can throw them.

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Fish and chips in paper: http://www.roadfood.com/Restaurants/SearchResults.aspx?st=photos&ob=RestaurantName&ps=1&s=XX
Paper plane: http://www.clker.com/clipart-4601.html

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