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Monday, September 28, 2009

Hodges' model: publications

The book chapter for Radcliffe Publishing is now in the hands of the editor. This is great step forward for Hodges' model (and me) in that the text considers the model within substance misuse care and services. To my knowledge the only other book chapter is that of Brian Hodges' in Hinchcliffe (1989) [please see the bibliography lower right].

The next project entails me completing my half of a paper on the application of Hodges' model in forensic nursing. My contribution introduces the model (with new text) to a forensic nursing audience and highlights why h2cm is of relevance to this very challenging specialised field of nursing. This is also a significant development being yet another clinical example and a co-authored effort. Collaboration with other people interested in and actually applying Hodges' model is definitely the way forward.

There are other topics that in championing h2cm would hit the sweet spot:
  • Continuing the current vein - papers on clinical applications for the model in mental health, learning disability and health visiting. These are areas in which the model was first taught and originally applied. 
  • The four original purposes for the model also compete for attention:
    1. supporting holistic theory and practice;
    2. reflective practice;
    3. bridging the theory - practice gap;
    4. curriculum development.

On that last theme, I need to type up a review of a book on curriculum development in nursing that will be featured here shortly. In the meantime if you have an essay, case study to complete, please bear h2cm in mind (and paper). ...

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