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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sour grapes and 'holistic' academic publishing

Having been a student on several occasions, an independent scholar and online for the past decade (I was a late arrival) something is really getting on my pips.

When I see an Editorial entitled -

Theoretical Frameworks 
and Concept Development

in an established publication -

That states - 
There is a commitment within holistic nursing to explore and refine terminology and frameworks that will enhance the care of patients and provide understanding about the healing process. To accomplish this directive, manuscripts will be published that provide an in-depth analysis of existing, alternatives, or extensions of concepts, frameworks, or theories associated with holism and holistic health and nursing. Holistic nursing involves a complex view of the individual, family, and environment that is constantly being challenged by new and emerging paradigms and information that furthers the ability to understand humans as multidimensional and pandimensional beings.
That value is not there by default it has to be found, learned and earned, but there are few frameworks that can simultaneously encompass holistic nursing, healing, touch, global health, informatics disciplines, the green agenda and human ecology. ....

So come on just a whisper - who Dares...?
Diane Wind Wardell, Editorial, Theoretical Frameworks and Concept Development, Journal of Holistic Nursing, American Holistic Nurses Association, Volume 27, Number 3, September 2009 158.

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