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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Drupal musings 2: Drupalese and Nursese - help or hinder

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As I repeatedly wade into the blue Drupal waters and then run out again (the water's hot) I note ongoing conversations at Drupalversity, Drupal dojo, Drupal-kata and similar forums about the challenge of learning Drupal. (I know the cure. That - is so simple, just do it: CREATE A SITE!)

On Drupalversity a comment by Becky Kinney caught my attention as Becky also refers to Drupalese. There's been discussion about how learners can make progress getting to grips with Drupal, but then because they lack prerequisite knowledge and skills the learning materials / instructions lapse into Drupalese.

Coming to Drupal is like nursing in so far as experiential learning is helpful. Any programming experience may help (or hinder), at the very least newbies (do I hate that term?) will be familiar with how websites appear to work, in the same way that would-be nurses are aware of the effects of infection, trauma, basic healing processes and treatments, what it feels like to be 'sick' to some degree, symptoms and signs. There's a point though that with a burgeoning new vocabulary of nursing, medical and care terms this challenge also becomes Nursese.

That reference above to help or hinder is a little like nurses who work as care support workers initially. There is a risk (which should not exist these days) that prior to starting formal nurse training they may pick up bad habits. Drupal is no different in the sense that it is complex and there are several ways to achieve the same outcome, but which is the most effective, efficient, future proof, safe and secure. ...?

Hodges' model can help nurse learners, but what about Drupal learners - this one included?

Not a chance.

A conceptual framework is not going to help here. While Hodges' model does have socio-technical credentials, it is no software engineering shoe-horn, life jacket...

It will take (several) new Drupal websites to exercise the beast, my mind, fingers and what I hope is a potential community out there. Time for another paddle!

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