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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The need for a hybrid propagator

Feynman PropagatorIn the Northern hemisphere now is the time to be out there planting seeds. Here in the NW of England Spring is just around the corner (the first turn of the year). If you have a greenhouse you can start early. If you have a propagator you can start even sooner and possibly experiment with more exotic flora.

Plants are a known quantity in terms of their needs: temperature, soil, sun, wind, frost, position. ... You just need to add the green fingers to make it work: plus the weather!

It really is magic sowing the sweet peas and seeing the display and smelling the scent in summer.

When it comes to health and social care though we need a special propagator: a true hybrid. Just consider the needs:

physical emotional assessment outcomes quality reflection safety personal social history finance consent intervention person-centered carer demographics information education self-care value for money personalisation dignity respect care collaboration engagement values involvement risk ...

Image source: A Feynman Propagator - Wikipedia

Additional link: The Garden Song

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