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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Lean machine(s): chasing the contexts

There is a perennial game in health and social care called assessment and evaluation: the game could also be called 'CTC' - 'chasing the context'.

Relativity lies not only in the realm of physics and philosophy.

When I say relativity I am referring of course to the influence and impact of a health and social care situation from the constantly changing perspective of each of several different players:

  • the patient;
  • carer;
  • nurse;
  • doctor;
  • manager;
  • medical ward;
  • community mental health team;
  • commissioner.
Usually, the context collapses to a specific problem (a situation) and the players set to solve a care problem presented by an individual -
  • a client, resident or patient;
and their -
  • relatives;
  • residential care home manager;
  • residential care home staff nurse and team;
  • community mental health nurse;
  • medical personnel.
Context directs, dictates, and shapes health and social care theory, practice, management and policy.

This relativism can also subvert, sublime, confuse and stymie plans, common sense notions, creativity, innovation and management directives.

Like a tide this relativity picks us up and re-figures, re-paints and shifts the location of everything - including measures and how they are used.

Context is all! - so the saying goes. But context never wholly reveals itself. For that is another situation, another context, another side, another coin.

For context there are key defining parameters (location, diagnoses, risk, need, physical, mental, holistic ...) all of these are couched or spring from time.

So, the game calls for us and the tide teases us to measure and evaluate. This coast is never clear, but how long is it now? Where are the pathways now? Where will they be again?

As we travel (and travail) to and from this context to that - thresholds are also altered: up and down and always around; the way of life and ..... .

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